Hint of Nature: Interior Sconces

I was flipping through my Elle Decor magazine today when I came across an inspiring sconce that largely incorporated wood into the design. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen gorgeous wood sconces before but it triggered my idea for this blog post. The ones I have chosen to feature are fairly minimalist, showing off the wood as main feature and not an arbitrary addition. Whether modern or antique, a little wooden sconce is sure to brighten any room! (pun intended!)

Shine on little wooden sconces, shine on!

Happy Sunday evening to all…and to all a goodnight!


wood block Vintage AntiqueRadient sconce

Dream Backyard Essential: Greenhouse

I’m a dreamer. Always have been, always will be.  I’m no realist, totally an idealist.

I’ll admit, I don’t always make sense… Maybe I don’t play the piano but maybe I want one in my living room… and maybe I also want a greenhouse!

Is a greenhouse necessary to function? Most would probably say no… And I say to heck with em’! I see it as an adult treehouse and maybe the world would be a better place if every adult had a private little greenhouse getaway. (more dreaming!)

But seriously, check these jaw dropping greenhouses out!

Picture 3541e1a56508a818a8bdc2b8bfe8319d3

b3df5a76583c01dae6ff4fac0adb2390 curve estately green old windows reclaimed

Love my love

I’m sure you won’t be nearly as excited over my post today as I am but I just had to share!!!

Over the weekend, my insanely handsome fiance and I received our engagement photos. Say whatt?! Yeah, I’m getting married! I don’t know if I ever made the announcement official on here or not. Now that you know, I can start sharing a few special moments of the process with you. To date, the most exciting and fun thing has been our engagement shoot. We we’re lucky enough to find a bomb wedding photographer who we instantly clicked with and who has killer talent! She used to be  a CPA and gave it up to follow her love of photography. I totally admire that and she, whether or not she knows it, has become a friend. We consider ourselves really lucky and blessed to have found her. Get it Katie!

As you will see, we did a two part shoot. In the morning we went and did what designers love to do and ventured into the craziness of the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Later in the evening we did  a more formal shoot at Elysian Park in Los Angeles. I wish I could say I had one favorite image but they are all stellar!

 BeckyPaulEngagement_Part2-14 BeckyPaulEngagement_Part2-41 BeckyPaulEngagement_Part2-55 BeckyPaulEngagement_Part2-67 BeckyPaulEngagement_Part2-93

BeckyPaulEngagement_Part2-145 BeckyPaulEngagement_Part2-147 BeckyPaulEngagement_Part2-153 BeckyPaulEngagement_Part2-180 BeckyPaulEngagement_KatieJacksonPhotography-8 BeckyPaulEngagement_KatieJacksonPhotography-15 BeckyPaulEngagement_KatieJacksonPhotography-28 BeckyPaulEngagement_KatieJacksonPhotography-49 BeckyPaulEngagement_KatieJacksonPhotography-72 BeckyPaulEngagement_KatieJacksonPhotography-73 BeckyPaulEngagement_KatieJacksonPhotography-100 BeckyPaulEngagement_KatieJacksonPhotography-117 BeckyPaulEngagement_KatieJacksonPhotography-128 BeckyPaulEngagement_KatieJacksonPhotography-135


I wish I could have showed you them all but I would have been here all night waiting for them to upload.

He makes me a better person, every day. For that I am eternally grateful.

Paul, I love you to the moon, but further.

The wonderful aftermath: Before and After

Hey there ladies and gents! I’m pretty much stoked to be able to bring you these photos…finally!!! I know, I know… I said one week but it actually took two weeks to get it delivered and a week to clean my apartment so that it was presentable. So here it is. We obviously changed the fabric, built up the back a little, got new legs, created a bench seat (down wrapped foam) and raised the overall seat height to between 19″ and 20″. I’m guessing it had previously been around 16″. We are in love with the finished product. It could seat 6 comfortable, 8 if we squish. It may be a tad large for our small apartment but once we get in a bigger house, I think it will work quite well. So, now that you’ve seen it, what do you think!? Love it, hate it? Well don’t tell me you hate it. That’s just not nice. All positive comments welcome. Let’s keep the good vibes. We can find negative ones all over the place. Later Gators! P.S, If you need an upholstery contact in the Los Angeles area, I know a miracle worker…!






Happy Campers


This is the greatest thing ever! I can’t wait to save a pup and give him sweet digs like this!!!

Originally posted on Hermit Homewares:

Feeling a little bit kooky and fun today so thought I would share with you guys these super adorable dog houses made by Jumahl of Strictly For The Birds in the shape of retro campervans! THE best right?!

Based on the classic shapes and colour combinations of the über cool 40s and 50s vintage campers, this is a dog house no one would mind being sent too! Plus there is a mini bird house version too, um adorable! Unfortunately for us Aussies, these creations are only available to the US market but you never know, campervans are made to travel and maybe, just maybe, if a retailer sees this post they may grace our shores soon! Fingers crossed :)





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A little ‘Before’ for ya!

Hi friends!!! My fabulous fiance and I have been on the hunt for the perfect sofa to replace our not so beautiful hand me down Target futon. Yeah you did just read that. These two designers have a futon for a couch! 3 words… Poor college graduates!

Fortunately enough for us, we’re in a business where furniture is kind of right at our finger tips. Speaking of which, One of Paul’s clients called with a sofa they were ready to part with. Only requirement, go to a good home! Great news for us, we have a good home, and we love free furniture. She sent over a picture and after a little convo between the two of us we decided to take it! It’s currently undergoing a little TLC, new upholstery, legs, design… etc.  I bring this to you today because in just 1 week, this baby will be done and ready to come home!!!! Yay! No more falling asleep for a cat nap and waking up with an achy back!! Love that!

So, I present to you, the before picture of our future couch….drum roll, please! duhn dun duhhh!


She’s a beaut! The anticipation is killing me. We altered her quite a bit!

Can anyone guess what color upholstery we chose??!!

Designers Making A Difference: Ideo.org

Happy Friday to all of my readers!! I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted and totally screaming, “TGIF!”

Today’s news: I’ve joined IIDA (about freaking time) and in a search to find a honoree for the 2014 Los Angeles leaders breakfast, I came across Ideo.org. They’re based out of San Francisco, so they are not in the running, but I still want to share their inspiring mission.

Ideo.org is a non-profit organization whose mission is “to bring human-centered design to the people who need it most — those facing poverty every day.”  This group of designers make it their job to tackle global poverty with creative design solutions.  The best part is…their impact is measurable and evident. (love that!)

If you ask me, their project history is quite impressive. I wasn’t expecting to see that much goodness going on. You can read about past projects here. And current ones, here. Right now they have a project that is looking at drones, which let me be honest, when I was reading about Amazon wanting to use them I was like, “Oh heck no!” But now, with Ideo.org wanting to use them to better the health and welfare of poverty-stricken communities I can’t possibly hate on drones anymore. What a fantastic opportunity. I’m optimistic and hopeful for the future of Ideo.org’s “Drones For Good.”


Go check them out people! Get inspired, support a cause, whatever that may be, and be thankful every day for what you do have.


Light As Sculpture

Last week I was looking at fixtures for a clients private dining room and was fortunate enough to stumble upon the amazing work of contemporary artist and light sculptor, Niamh Barry. Her work is absolutely inspiring, creative, and jaw-dropping. I mean DAMN! I’m totally in love.

Niamh Barry Picture 2 Niamh Barry

Picture 4

Stunning right!?

For more images and information, visit http://www.niamhbarry.com/

Cheers :)

Sorry Pantone: Not loving Radiant Orchid

I’m soo sorry Pantone but I do not love 2014’s color of the year. Crossing my fingers that I’m not the only one. I just, I’ve never been, I can’t, I just don’t like purple. No hard feelings, I loved 2013’s Emerald! I was all over that!

Okay so before I beat a dead horse, I claim a new color for 2014. My own color! My own (drum roll, please) VERMILLION!!! Ta-da! Yay. Wow, I feel so much better now. That’s fun. No wonder Pantone does that. I feel like throwing a party where all things are inspired from this color. hmmm… next year?

beauty Cabinet color Color and Texture living room orange-redorange-l Red Carpet RedOrange Tangerine Lips

Whew! I’m loving this! Now go spread some Vermillion love on your life! You deserve it!


Bear Market Coffee

Let’s end this year on a creative note and look at an incredibly innovative design for a coffee shop.

VAV Architects was the talent behind the design for a quaint Dublin cafe known to locals as Bear Market Coffee. They got my attention and gained my appreciation with their creative use of rebar. They took a tight budget and unconventional materials and transformed that into something great. That’s not always so easy. VAV expands on their concept here:

“The concept for the design was to explore and question materiality, test the qualities of everyday materials and techniques available, while at the same time creating something unique and totally distinctive. The chosen material we selected for exploration purposes was reinforcement steel. Our intent was to fill the space with vertical lines, and thus gently fragment the space, filtering the views and people within it. This forest of steel would, we hoped, create a brutal yet honest space. The finished cafe would be perceived through the filtered vertical lines of the reinforcement bars, with shelving and benches hidden and supported within them. With steel dominating the interior,all other elements would simply act as a backdrop. Thus the original interior was stripped back to the core. Ceiling was totally exposed, walls were treated minimally, while existing tiles were roughly pulled off, leaving gridded screed surfaces. The floor was roughly laid with recycled timber, interlaid with steel rods, where the verticals connected with the ground. This timber flooring softened the space and hid the supports of the shelving units, with the reinforcement bars piercing through it to the hidden supports below. These two new elements – horizontal lines of timber and vertical of steel, intersected each other, gridding the interior.”

Successful, yes or no? I’d say “heck yes!” I want to go there now and drink my second latte of the day! :)

BEAR MARKET COFFEE (VAV architects) 02 BEAR MARKET COFFEE (VAV architects) 06 BEAR MARKET COFFEE (VAV architects) 16 BEAR MARKET COFFEE (VAV architects) 19 BEAR MARKET COFFEE (VAV architects) 21 BEAR MARKET COFFEE (VAV architects) 23


For more information and projects by VAV Architects, go here!

Cheers and a happy New Year!